How to Make a Diaper Cake - Top 10 Tutorials On The Web

How to Make a Diaper Cake - Top 10 Tutorials On The Web

If there’s one thing an expectant mother needs, it’s diapers, lots and lots of diapers. Instead of presenting them in packets, “bake” her a diaper cake.  If you’ve never done this before, start with an easy cake. As you gain experience, set your imagination free and have fun with it. Some tutorials give more information than is needed, but the basis is there for whatever cake you want to bake.


10. How to make a diaper cake

If you’ve never make a diaper cake, this is the ideal video to start with. It clearly explains the basics and while it shows some extras, you decide how much you want to take away from it. A video like this helps to understand the mechanics for a basic diaper cake such as the Gingham and Giggles Single Tier Diaper Cake



9. Diaper Stork Bundle Easy Baby Shower Gift

 The stork visited your friend’s house and dropped off a bundle of joy. Steal the show at the baby shower with the adorable little stork. You don't need to be an expert cake "baker" to make this cake. It's surprising easy.  Not feeling your DIY side today?  Our custom made Stork Diaper Cakes have a similar simple style and are currently on sale!




8. Duckling Diaper Cake

If you’re not sure whether the new baby is a boy or a girl, play it safe with a yellow duckling diaper cakes. Everybody loves ducklings, so why not make this the centerpiece of your cake?  Not feeling your inner quack?  Then just choose one of Dibsies beautifully crafted duck theme cakes such as Ducky and Friends, Just Got Ducky, or Supreme Ducky diaper cake. 


7. Diaper Cake Big Wheel Instructions

Many diaper cakes use the Big Wheel method to create a series of wheels for the tiers.  This baker shows us a method which actually involves using a frying pan. What you do with the design from there is up to you. You can decorate the big wheel diaper cake with a teddy bear, a scrapbook, or - as we do with our Baby Boy Forever Diaper Cakes - you can include a photo album so the new mom can capture the pictures of that first smile, the day baby learned to crawl and walk, first teeth, first birthday, and everything that follows.  


6. Baby Onesie Cupcakes

If making a big cake doesn’t appeal to you, how about a few cupcakes? They’re easy to make and perfect to gain experience in diaper cake baking.  Get ideas from our Baby Sweet, Towering, & Delicious styles of Diaper cupcakes!


5. Choo choo diaper cake train

A diaper cake doesn't have to look like a cake, it can look like a train or the case of one of our best selling cakes, a baby carriage.


4. Diaper Cake Tutu

Your little girl is celebrating her first birthday. Mark the occasion with this adorable pink birthday tutu diaper cake or Dibsies own rendition. The perfect cake for a future prima ballerina. 


3. Three tier diaper cake

More advanced cake makers can try this three tier diaper cake. Yellow is a great color for a diaper cake. If you’re not sure whether baby will be a boy or a girl, you can start cake baking ahead of time and present this magnificent diaper cake when is born. Hours of fun await playing in the bath with the ducky decorations.

2. Diaper cake for girl

While diaper cakes are suitable for both baby boys and girls, diaper cakes for girls often have that little extra. Whether it's pink butterflies or pink teddy bears, pink screams baby girl.

1. How to make a diaper lily cake

Does the expectant mother like lilies? Then she’ll love this diaper lily cake. It's not as difficult as it looks. If you don't like flowers, but want to present a "green" cake, this birds and bees cake might give you some ideas.

Because Dibsies has the largest collection of diaper cakes available online, there’s something available for all tastes and personalities. One tier cakes, three tier cakes, teddy bear cakes, duck and frog cakes, ballerina cakes.  You name it, we carry it. Pick and choose from whichever cake you like and be the star of the baby shower!