The Essential Guide to Keeping Kids Organized in the Home

Children are an absolute joy, but they can leave a path of destruction in their wake that rivals a natural disaster. If you’re searching for ways to get your kids a little more organized, look no further. Below are four tips to help your children organize independently, plus 25 fun ideas on how to bring order to the spaces they occupy.

Get on Their Level

While adult furniture and organizing systems might appeal to our senses, they don't translate well to children's needs.

For younger children, remove closet doors -- it helps to avoid those unfortunate finger smashing moments. Lower the clothing rods and purchase child-sized hangers. Place open containers on the floor to hold toys, and open plastic baskets to store socks and underwear. These measures ensure that your children can get their own outfits together -- and help put it away.

Bottom to Top

Since children tend to be much smaller than their adult counterparts, it’s a good idea to organize the room from the bottom to the top.

Your children’s favorite toys should be placed on lower shelves, in toyboxes, or on the floor where they are easily accessible. Higher levels should be earmarked for those toys and items that aren’t frequently used.

Consider investing in a child sized step stool to help your little one independently access toys and games kept at mid room level.

Label Like Your Life Depends on It

For non-readers, make simple graphic labels with pictures of socks, shirts, dolls, or blocks to help remind them where those items belong. For older kids, use large-type word labels.

Label everything. No, seriously, everything. Put labels inside and outside of drawers, on shelf edges, on boxes, bookcases, and filing cubes. When kids know where things go, they’re more likely to put them away in the right spot.


Do you ever feel like your children have too many toys to keep track of? They might -- and there’s a simple way to solve the problem. Create a rotation system! Collect toys that have fallen out of favor in recent weeks and store them. In a few months time, pull them out and watch as your children’s old toys become new again!

Now that you’re armed with tips to keep your kids organized, here are some fun and creative ideas for storage!



© BluLabel Bungalow

Handy with a sewing machine? Check out the tutorial for this book sling -- it might just be the perfect way to store your toddler’s books!

© Sunshine on the Inside


If you’re looking for book storage that’s a little easier to put together, these fantastic book shelves made from rain gutters are a simple solution that’s surprisingly affordable.


©Lyssa Beth


If your child has a myriad of headbands, consider making this awesome holder out of an oatmeal container and candle holder.


©Tatertots & Jello


For children with lots of accessories, these colorful jewelry organizers made out of silverware trays are an affordable storage option.


© 52 Mantels


Small children need help knowing how to sort their clothes when putting them away. These printable chalkboard labels from 52 Mantels give your kids a leg up in the laundry game.



© R & R Workshop


These under the bed storage bins are simple to put together and easy to access for your kids. They can pull out and store toys without any help from parents!



© Sweet Stitches

 When it comes to dress up storage, you can refurbish an old cabinet or wardrobe like this parent did….


© Stately Kitsch

 ...or you can hang up some colorful hooks to catch all those fun costumes.


© Jedi Craft Girl


If your child is a collector of Lego Minifigures, these handy little shelves are a great way to both store and display them!


© Organized 31


How great is this upcycled Lego storage!?! It keeps those Legos out from underfoot in the most adorable way possible.


© A Lo and Behold Life


This great matchbox car storage rack takes a bit of craftiness to put together, but your children will never ask you where their favorite car went again.


© Jazzie and Tahlia


Playing card boxes wear out quickly and are difficult for tiny hands to manage. This genius IKEA hack saves a lot of frustration -- and missing cards.


© Infarrantly Creative

Board game storage that doubles as art! Check out the tutorial here.



© Raising Lemons

Here’s a visually appealing way to store children’s art supplies. However, it’s definitely for the older kids as little ones will have trouble handling and opening the heavy glass jars.



© Simple as That

These photo boxes are the perfect child friendly way for stashing away art supplies.



© IHeart Organizing

Jen has a fantastic way to keep snacks handy for your kids. They can grab and go without any fuss!



© The Larson Lingo

Toss your children’s plastic cups and plates into baskets that are within their reach. They can set the table without your assistance!



© The Inspired Home 
Pull those bath toys together with this simple system of baskets, shower hooks, and a shower curtain rod.



© Cars, Trucks, and Teething Rings

Toothbrushes all over the bathroom counter? Sarah organized her kids’ dental routine with nothing more than some reusable cups and velcro.



© Finding the Beauty

If you’d prefer something a little more permanent, these personalized toothbrush/towel holders are both fun and practical!


The Rest of the House

© Pneumatic Addict

Elisha has an awesome tutorial for this backpack & homework center. Grab your power tools and read more here.


© The ReMarkable Home

For all those toys that seem to make a permanent home in your living room, these personalized “crap” buckets are a great catch all.



© Happy Hooligans

Sandbox storage can get a little grimy if it’s not open enough to let sand and water drain out. These metal planters are awesome for stashing away sandbox toys.



© Domestic Charm

 For your kids’ outside toys, these galvanized buckets are a sturdy and eye-pleasing storage solution.



© Mom Endeavors


Bikes, scooters, wagons, and tricycles can clutter up your outside areas fast. This fantastic covered garage gives your kids a place to park their vehicle of choice -- and protect it from the elements.

Now that you’re armed with everything you need to keep your kids organized, get out there and declutter!